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Friday, August 20, 2010

Where Have You Been All Summer!?

Sorry to have left you hanging with the beginning of baseball season.  Below are a few posts to fill you in on our summer.  It was quite eventful, full of fun, super hot, and went by fast.  All of the above would be reason enough for me to get behind on blogging.  But truthfully, there's another reason I'm so behind.  You see, every time I have sat down at this computer for the past several months something else has been on my mind and heart.  I have been pounding away at the keyboard, surfing what seems like the entire internet, and done more stalking on strangers' blogs than I care to admit.  All of this effort has been at times exhausting, many times rewarding, but always getting our family a little closer to the beginning of a new journey. 

Towards the end of the summer we announced that we have begun the process of international adoption!  

We have been truly amazed and blessed as the Lord has led us to this place.  It's not something we were seeking, but for many many months now adoption has been rolling around in our hearts and minds.  This spring it finally got to a point that every sermon preached, every conversation, every scripture read, every television show or movie we watched somehow was revealing the message of adoption and that our family was to pursue this path.  We slowly began to read, research, read some more, and question.  International, local, foster?  What country? Infant, toddler, or child? Girl or boy?  What agency?  God are you sure . . . us?! 

The answer came and came clearly.  Yes, you.  International.  South Korea.  Older infant/young toddler.  Let Me surprise you with a girl or boy- you will meet them through Holt International.

Right now we are working on our home study and have our first meeting with the social worker next week.  We are reviewing profiles of babies on the waiting list with Holt Korea and learning a lot about pediatric medicine!  Our best guess is that the newest "Seoul" will be joining our family sometime in 2011.

We covet your prayers as we traverse this path.  To God be the glory for all that He has done thus far.  It's been wonderful to be on the front row watching as He works in mysterious ways.  We look forward the majestic show ahead of us!

Many have asked if we'll have a blog for the adoption.  You're looking at it!  As progress is made and announcement worthy events take place, you can find them here.

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laura said...

How exciting to see the Lord calling y'all to this journey of adoption! Thank you for allowing us to keep up with it on your blog. Y'all are in my prayers!