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Friday, April 29, 2011

What a Fun Day

Sorry to say it, but this is another no picture post- but I should have some soon.  Maybe we'll have a picture post tomorrow.  Is the Picture Pages theme starting in your head, too?  Good....

We began the day by finishing up Wilson's new room.  I can't believe how old he's getting and the car bed just isn't cool anymore.  He even said the other day  he's not that interested in seeing Cars 2 this summer.  A moment of silence, please.

We had told him at the beginning of the adoption adventure that if we wound up having a boy, he'd be sharing a room and get bunk beds.  Well of course, he was devastated when our baby turned out to be a girl- because that meant no bunk beds.  Phil reassured him he could still have bunk beds and probably before Eliza Grace got here.  Promise fulfilled.  Wilson now has one of the coolest sets of bunk beds I've ever seen and his room is looking so big kid!!  Alright enough about that, I'm not in the mood to cry.

This morning I found out that someone in our EP batch had been approved.  Later this afternoon we got an email that Eliza Grace's EP had been approved too!!  We're so excited!  The end is sight. What exactly does this mean?  Here's the words directly from our agency's email: (you can skip reading all this if you want- but that means I'll just make something up if you ask later, "so what's next")

Now that my child’s EP has been approved what’s next?

Now that EP has been approved, it is still difficult to determine exactly when your travel call will be. What we know is the following steps need to occur before your child is ready to travel.

· Travel Certificate- Holt Korea will apply to the Ministry of Foreign affairs for the travel certificate after the EP has been approved. This typically takes about a week to gain the approval. We are not notified about this.

· Visa Physical Exam- This is done by an outside Doctor appointed by the US Embassy. This has to be done after the EP and travel certificate have been issued. Usually the exam takes place at the Holt clinic but if the child has special needs the exam is done at the hospital. We will e-mail you when we learn the physical has been scheduled (not everyone in the same EP group receive the same visa physical dates). ·

Class B waiver- This is only needed if the Doctor doing the exam notes something that they want to make sure that the adopting parents are fully aware of. If there is something noted on this form then Holt-Korea has to have a Class B waiver accompany the visa physical when submitting the P3 into the Embassy. The Class B waiver lets the officials know that the adoptive parents are fully aware of what is noted on the visa physical, and would still like to proceed with the adoption. The waiver also has to say exactly what the Doctor noted on the Visa physical, word for word. If you child needs a waiver we will notify your family and send you the waiver by e-mail.·

I600- Holt-Korea does not need your approved I600 until the very last stage of the process (submitting your P3 into the Embassy). Your I600 will only have an effect on your travel time if you delay in filling once you receive your Legals. Once your I600 is approved please send the Eugene office and your branch or co-op a copy.·

P3-The packet that Holt-Korea submits into the Embassy for the one way travel visa. This packet contains; I600, I864, birth/marriage/divorce certificates of adoptive parents, 1040, W2, legal document of child, vaccination certificate, visa physical examination, medical acceptance letter (if needed), photo of child and IR4. This takes 5-8 business days to be approved, if there are problems with any of the documents it will take longer than 5-8 days to be approved. We are not notified when the visa worker submits the P3 into the Embassy.·

VI- Visa Interview-This is new as of November 2009. The foster families now have to physically take the children down to the Embassy for a visa interview. This happens after the paperwork has been submitted into the Embassy. We are not notified about this.·

Final steps to prepare for travel- The final steps after the visa has been issued are the pre-flight report given to all families. This is a one page sheet that has important information such as eating, sleeping and other important things to help with the transition. Also, depending on when your child was last seen by Dr. Jeong he/she might go in for one last visit to make sure they are healthy enough to fly. Once these are taken care of the flight coordinator will start making travel plans for those who are escorting.

For those who are traveling, our staff in Korea will send us an e-mail when your child is fully ready. We will then contact your family so you can start making travel plans.

We don't anticipate the Class B waiver being needed and our I600 is already approved and in all the hands it needs to be in.  So there's two things we can mark off the list.

The coolest part about today is that I've met a new bloggy friend.  Remember back in December when I posted about being matched with Eliza Grace and how we had to decide between her and another little boy?  I met his mamma today on the online bulletin boards for Korean adoption families on Holt's website.  His EP was approved as well.  There is a really good chance we'll be in Korea at the same time as his family and we might get to meet him.  As I told his mamma, he was never mine but I felt soooo responsible for him.  He was sent to the waiting child list after we made our decision.  It was so hard to see Eliza Grace stamped with "I have a family" knowing that a new picture had been added because we had said "no" to him.  I was so relieved when in just a few short weeks he too had a family.  And it is so awesome to have contact with them.  He's going to have 3 older siblings.  I just can't wait to learn more about him!


Linds said...

So happy to have 'met' you! I was looking at your beautiful design work!! You are very talented! Anxious to see Miss Eliza Grace with her family!

Kelly said...

I thought that travel was very close to EP...I need to figure all this out at some point. The Korea program is so different from our first China adoption. I do hope you get that travel soon VERY soon!!