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Monday, April 11, 2011

What a Super Weekend!

The Ethridges had a GREAT weekend.  I'm not sure there's anything else we could have crammed into the last three days!

Friday Wilson had a birthday party to go to after school.  It was in the woods behind the birthday boy's grandparents' house and there were water guns!!  About 30 minutes into the squirting Wilson came running up to me and said "Mom! My tooth just came out!"  This was number six and I think the first one with NO TEARS!! 

We left the party came home and put on dry clothes and went with daddy and his office to the Braves game that night.  The kids had a great time jumping in the bouncy houses, eating hot dogs, and watching fireworks.  I think there may have actually been a baseball game going on, but I'm not sure ;)

We came home worn out and went to bed late.  We got up the next morning and loaded up to head to Starkville for Super Bulldog weekend.  We had so much fun seeing Uncle John, playing with Oscar- a REAL bulldog, more jumping in bouncy houses, meeting cheerleaders, eating ice cream, watching a little football, and seeing friends.

 Oscar at the KA house

 Playing in the fountain at the Chapel of Memories
 Pow wow about 2/3's of the way to the baseball game- Do we want to keep walking in the blazing heat, stand in the sun, and watch the dogs be gator bait, or do we want to turn around and go find some ice cream?
Dad, do you really have to ask?  ICE CREAM!!
 Miller with a "Cheer Cheer" She had a great time singing the fight song with her!
 The Maroon & White game.
From there we went to meet Evelyn.  It was SO GREAT to see her home and to watch her in action.  She has a great temperament and the BEST smile.  We could have watched her for hours.  Made me very anxious to get some news on our girl!!  We went to church the next morning with the O'maras and then started the trek back home.

We unpacked the van and went to the park for a birthday picnic for Pat Pat.  Fun, fun cousin time and some yummy food.  Hard to beat a chocolate cupcake!!
Happy Birthday Pat Pat!

 Paw, Wilson, & Phil
 Me and my niece- we were discussing our matching double chins...she said she try to cut back on the Enfamil, I said I do better about the butterfingers
 Amy & Matthew
 Playing Princess Frisbee with Paw
Matthew and Uncle Phiiuuul

Fun, fun, fun- Happy Monday, y'all!

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Lauren Hayes said...

Hey there! I haven't checked in on you in a while so I decided to read back SEVERAL, I have missed a lot! Dying to hear what's going on with your sweet baby girl...know y'all are so anxious-glad God is in control! Also loved the pictures from the weekend-we were supposed to be at SuperBulldog weekend and skipped out with some attitude and potty training at the last minute! It is SOOOOOO funny to me to see YOU put your little girl in a maroon cheerleader outfit...I'll never see you as a State fan...I bet Fred is LOVING it...HA! Love you!