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2 Peter 3:18

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A Clearer Picture of Heaven

Wilson and I have just made chocolate ganache. We're both bouncing off the walls! I can only assume this heavenly sauce wasn't mentioned in the Bible because there was no good Hebrew or Greek word for "ganache" (I'm sure some street up there somewhere has to be paved with this instead of gold!). Whipping cream, milk chocolate chips, and semi-sweet chocolate chips- doesn't get much better than this!


Anonymous said...

Well I'm glad we named him WEE because that picture just wouldn't have worked with any other initials!

By the way, the ganache was awesome last night.


Anonymous said...

When you find out the address of the ganache street in Heaven, let me know. I'm ready to eat streets!


Handyman's Wife said...

Did somebody say ganache? Where is my helping? Maggs, you started something too funny with this blog. I look forward to it every day! Love you all, Amy