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2 Peter 3:18

Friday, February 17, 2006

It's All Greek to Me

It is no coincidence that Gerber does not "jar" hummus. Wilson is really into dipping things these days. Pretzels in peanut butter, chips in salsa, pita in hummus. Last night I gave him a bowl of hummus and some cracker sticks to munch on while I heated up his "bupper". Apparently the ratio of crackers to hummus was a little off & he decided that his fingers, arms, and face would do just as good a job as dippers as the crackers did. If he smells a little like chickpeas and olive oil the next time you see him, check under the chins- I may have missed a spot!


Pat Pat said...

We'll just find more "brown" sugar in places when we kiss on him! Too bad we don't have the pictures of him fingerpainting with Cool Whip! Or better yet, his Paw's facial expression when he did that! Y'all are a MESS!

Lauren said...

Well, there's a fine line between cooking and body painting. Looks like Wilson's still learning :)