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Monday, February 20, 2006

It's the New Cream of Mushroom Soup

Tonight I made a new culinary discovery- Ready Rice. You tear the pouch, put it in the microwave for 90 seconds, and that's it- rice! No water, no measuring cup, no boiler with white goo stuck to the bottom. How simple is that- it could easily replace cream of mushroom soup as a staple in the cupboard. And, as you all know (except maybe a few of my Yankee readers, bless their hearts), there is nothing a Southern woman can't "casserolize" given 8 ounces of cream of mushroom soup- I don't care what Robert St. John says! But given the speed and ease (and taste I might add) of Ready Rice, you can now have funeral food thrown together before the bereaved can decide just which shoes Aunt Estelle would rather take with her to the great beyond.

The above is actually the second great discovery I've made in the kitchen this week. Did you know that they print recipes in magazines- and that you can actually cook them?! I realize this is sort of obvious, but I have been taking it for granted. As many magazines as I have lying around- I very rarely read (much less) try the recipes they publish. I bet we could eat something new every night. We first benefited from this discovery earlier this week when I made Chocolate Paradise- a chocolate cheesecake with ganache topping (see February 14 for pictures). Tonight I made sort of a Southern version of fried rice- Southern because you use bacon drippings instead of sesame oil to cook your chicken and veggies in (leave it to us to turn Oriental food into your next coronary). It was pretty good, but now that I've got cooking rice down pat- we're going places. Julia Child's got nothing on us!

I realize that you all "tune in" to read the latest on Wilson and not me and the low bar I set for myself on the "Donna Reed" scale. So, tonight I'm posing a multiple choice question for all of you to see how well you know the little guy.

The right side of Wilson's face is red and swollen. What happened?
a. Jack had it up to his beard with Wilson's antics and finally let him have it
b. Wilson finally scaled the piano bench and fell off
c. I noticed him chewing while coloring and half a crayon is missing- this is an allergic reaction to red dye #40.
d. All of the above.

Let me hear from you- I'd really like to get this one figured out!


Handyman's Wife said...

I vote B - final answer. Is ganache going to be my prize? I had no idea about the rice. Thanks!

Pat Pat said...

I would agree with "B"--but don't put the other options aside either.

Glad you "found" the rice answer. I have plenty of recipes cut out from magazines . . .you're welcome to them!!

You're a mess!!

Chop said...

i think i would have to go with "B" on this one. Time to invest in more pillows for the piano bench!

p.s. - thanks for the rice tip. maybe you should have your own cooking show too!