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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Okay, okay, okay!

Many people have requested that I start a blog. I have refused until now saying, "When on earth am I going to find the time to 'blog'?" ( I guess that's the right verb). After all, the requests have come on the heals of a few emails detailing the now very busy life of me and my toddler side kick. I am just now realizing the irony that his initials are WEE! I need to have that exclamation point legally added to his birth certificate. He is pictured above hosting a car show on the window ledge in the backyard.

Well, here I am at 12:34am starting what I said I wouldn't do- bore you with the minutiae of our lives. At least this way you can be bored on your own terms and not have our stories bombarding your in boxes. I am "blogging" at this hour because Wilson is refusing to go to sleep. He is a little stuffed up and just keeps waking up. Right now I'm trying out a technique I was sure wouldn't work on him yet. This is the trick where you say, "I'll be right back" and then come back in 5 minutes. You then say you'll be right back and come back in 10 minutes and so on, increasing the time in between your pop ins until the child is asleep. So far, so good. The only problem is, is that if I leave and he doesn't cry, I feel I've just received a get out of jail free card. I also see the green light to start a new project- like a blog! Maybe one day he'll come to appreciate my ADD like his dad has.

Nothing much new has happened today. Wilson is continuing to grow and add words and expressions to his vocabulary. Today after many run ins with the "sucky-ball" (aspirator for those of you out of the loop on our vocabulary) he began grabbing it, sticking it in his own nose and mimicking the slurping sound it makes with his mouth. It was hilarious- he tried out several noises before he settled on just the right one. He's the only kid I know that is actually amused by the sucky-ball. He leans right in for you- happy to have the snot whisked away.

A final thought before I end this, our first post. Why is it that in the pale glow of a night light things that made you hopping mad at noon are now so sweet? His mirror is covered with little hand prints. As I sat rocking my now 30 pound "baby" who is over half my height, I spied them. Each finger represents a struggle to get a diaper on as he clung to that mirror for dear life, hoping this time he wouldn't end up bare-bottomed on the changing table. They represent special hardware that I had installed so that that mirror could withstand 30lbs swinging from it- hardware that I learned about from installing art in a courthouse where common thugs are known to rip things straight off the walls for sport. Yet now, in the middle of the night, these little prints become such a sweet reminder of the little boy that has filled our home with such joy and laughter. Even things like toy "gucks" (trucks) that make me wonder how many more times I'll trip on them or board books that have taught me there is something more painful than a paper cut (a cardboard page cut) take on a special light. They remind me that these are the things that make up the best parts of his day- and that he is what makes up the best parts of ours.

He's still asleep. Goodnight.


Anonymous said...

How sweet and how entertaining!! I look forward to your "late night thoughts" and hope that you get in some daytime dreams as well!

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!!!

Meah <><

kendy said...

LOVE the blog...just added to my favorites...

Handyman's Wife said...

Absolutely precious and sweet thoughts! You are such a fantastic mom and although I don't have children, I can only hope that one day I will learn to appreciate the humor and joy that you so beautifully express. Thanks for starting a blog. Cute title! Only you.
Love you all,

Anonymous said...

Granna's mirrors need some handprints, too. Gather the "gucks" and come on over!

Pat Pat said...

This is great! I've always appreciated the humor/insight you've had and to have it posted on an ongoing basis is definitely going to be entertaining! Wilson can definitely leave any handprints at our house anytime, too!