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2 Peter 3:18

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

For Sale

For Sale:
One small and very nosey terrier. He will push small children's doors open with his nose while you're trying to get them back to sleep at 5 am. The noise of the door opening thereby agitating the child and keeping them from falling back to sleep. Not to worry if they should fall back to sleep- this little canine will shake his collar at just the right time, rousing the baby once again.

One crock pot that WILL NOT plug itself in, thus leaving raw meat sitting on your countertop no matter how high you turn the temperature knob. I have found that it works quite nicely if you go ahead and plug it in yourself- if you don't expect much out of your kitchen appliances, this baby's for you.

One blanket of thin yellow dust. Big enough to cover your entire yard, cars, or anything your looking to give that "spring" look to. It can even give you a new look- red swollen eyes, runny sniffly nose, & the voice of someone on a drinking/smoking binge. If this is attractive to you, boy do I have a deal for you.


Pat Pat said...

Is it safe to say that this has not been your week??! What a funny picture. I remember a certain little redheaded boy who used to do the same thing (didn't jingle his collar) but would sleep under the door like that.

Too bad the crock pot didn't take care of things the way the coffee pot did for Phil!! :)

Anonymous said...

Didn't we talk about dinner yesterday? I can't wait to see you next weekend, we'll have a blast! I also have a few dogs for sale!