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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Updates All Around

This weekend: Wilson woke up at 5 am Saturday morning with a 101 fever. He was very cranky for awhile, but it was nothing that a little Fisher-Price tractor pull in the backyard couldn't cure. He and I stayed home from church on Sunday and slept and then went to the park that afternoon while Dad cleaned up around the house. We ended the weekend with our almost-weekly BYOFP (Bring Your Own Frozen Pizza) at the Wilson's house. This is a fun little ritutal where Phil, Wilson, and I (and the dogs) go to the grandparent's house to catch up on the week. It almost always ends with me having a "discussion" with my son about the importance of not throwing food on the floor or "gucks" at people's heads and my mom having a "discussion" with her son about the importance of this week's upcoming vocabulary quiz and geometry test. Yes, I have become my mom- but stay tuned, we'll both be becoming HER mom soon!!

In the kitchen: Wal-Mart brand (not Great Value- "Wal-Mart") frozen corn bread. I'm sure many of you will dismiss this finding due to it's sweet flavor, corn kernels, and lack of cast iron skillet as Yankee, but I've got to tell you it's quick, easy, and mighty tasty. I was not afraid to serve it to my Bible study group and many went back for seconds.

Mystery solved: I had a quiz all prepared for you, my regulars, on a new word in Wilson's vocabulary that I could not for the life of me figure out. I'll pose the quiz anyway, but the answer is listed at the end. The word is Babu. The options I was tossing around were- a)bubble, b) he's been catching up on his Seinfeld and was concerned about Babu Batt's (Jerry's neighbor and the New Deli Cafe owner) deportation to India, c) if Tatu = tractor then Babu must = bracbor (what the ?!@# is bracbor?). It's actually d) non of the above. Babu is actually bupu with a p or maybe two p's- it's these subtle toddlerese dialect distinctions that I just can't get sorted out. Buppu is clearly supper. So when he says buppu he just means I want to eat.

Why am I blogging at 5:45am and no one but me and the dogs are awake?: I woke up at 4 with the same headache I went to bed with. I fell asleep thinking the headache was just an allergy thing, but now I'm thinking more miagraine, although it's getting better now. I tossed and turned for a while before deciding that I should get some crackers and a ginger ale before this beast turned into the kind that ends with me over the toilet (too much information? it's hard to tell at this hour!) I went in the kitchen to get some saltines, but alas, they had fallen all the way to the back of the almost top shelf of the pantry. In a moment of brief clarity I decided me perched precariously on a kitchen chair reaching into the abyss of the pantry at 4 am spelled disaster and woke Phil to rescue the Premiums from the clutches of staleness in the back of the cabinet. Amazingly, he completed the whole task without even waking up. I headed to the sofa where I pondered a few things . . . this Paid Programming show is awfully popular- it's on every channel, I think it's edged out Law and Order for most recurring title in the line up . . . are Roseanne & Fresh Prince of Bel Aire really TV Classics- I though Nick at Nite was reserved for shows like I Love Lucy and Dick Van Dyke, maybe an occasional new classic like Cosby . . . where did these dogs come from and how do they exactly where to lay- one on my throbbing head & and one in my rumbling stomach . . . I'm 26 and I still don't get the political jokes on Murphy Brown- if history repeats itself, don't come to me for answers- I still don't have the late '80's figured out . . . why is my left foot wet- apparently Jack "the Paw Licker" Ethridge had been napping on the sofa before I showed up and left his calling card . . . wow, Macy Gray sings the intro for a Nickelodeon (or am I on Disney now) cartoon- talk about a career 180 . . . I hope Wilson sleeps late today because at some point I'm going to quit having these profound thoughts and then I'm going to be really tired.

So now you're caught up. If there are any misspellings in the above please consider the source, the hour, and the fact that Jack is bouncing off my right arm trying to remind me that he's starving to death. Hopefully now that I've gotten all of the above off my chest I can sleep. I'll leave you with a picture of my favorite nephew. He's learned to smile and what a ray of sunshine. What a great reward for all the hard work that goes unappreciated in the first weeks of parenting- hang on tight guys, he's only going to get busier from here & it's a blast!!


Anonymous said...

Your blog makes me smile every time I read your postings! I hope your headache is feeling better (take 250 mg of magnesium, it is a miracle worker for headaches!) and that Wilson slept late for you. Your last words about parenting brought tears to my eyes, you are such a great aunt! we can't wait to see you next week. I think we are coming in town late Wednesday night through the weekend! Take care, Ash

Pat Pat said...

Girl, you are something else! I'm so sorry you weren't feeling well--I wished I'd asked about you more yesterday when I called.

I'm so glad to have the "babu" mystery solved! We're relying on you to bring us up to speed on the dialect called "wilson" as GrandFred calls it.

Don't fret about becoming your mom . . .she's mighty fine! You are a true compliment of her example and legacy. The world would be a better place if there were more Margarets,Elizabeths, Beths, & Maggies---true southern women if ever the definition ever needed to be explained!

Anonymous said...

Maggie, when you and your mother become "her mother" I'll be there to take pictures - I can even use my new camera phone so you won't know. By the way, I'm also fluent in "Murphy Brown". Rob