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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Super Secret Spy School

Hello to all! It's been a little while since we've updated- I hope you're all doing well. This past weekend we went to meet our new cousin Adam. We had a blast meeting the little guy- although I'm not sure Wilson even knew he was there. He spotted the "big truck" in Adam's room at about 12:45 am when we arrived and was hooked on that for the rest of the weekend. We did get to test out Adam's park and Uncle Andy practiced his Kung Fu moves on Wilson while he was in the swing- I wish I had a video of it. I don't know who had a better time. We also got to give the nursery at Adam's church a test drive while aunt Ashley was baptized. Wilson was not impressed at first, but when we picked him up he had, again, found a truck and was also playing with a tiger and giraffe and had recovered nicely from the initial trauma! I got to return the trauma by taking baby Adam's temperature- how shall I say it- through the back door. Something I didn't realize his parents hadn't done before. Adam made it through just fine, but I'm not sure that his daddy did. We are shown below with our new nephew/cousin.

We have been enjoying great weather here over the past few days. We went to the park earlier today before having lunch with Pat Pat and our aunts. Last night we had a great family walk and we spent yesterday afternoon collecting pine cones and monkey grass berries in Granna's back yard.

Another highlight of the past few days is Wilson starting his very own Super Secret Spy School. It has long been known that he was a double agent of some sort, and now it's great to know that he's passing on the know how of his skills to others. 007 may have had some pretty nifty gadgets, but he's got nothing on the puzzle piece phone- Wilson is shown to the left teaching his Nanny the in's and out's of this impressive piece of technology. Look for satellite schools in your area soon!

Well- the tornados are here finally. Wilson is napping and I better go get everything done that requires electricity while we still have it. I guess I also better get to the store. We heard last night on the Discovery Channel that when people are stocking up on supplies for bad weather, Wal-Mart sells out of beer and pop tarts first, and we are fresh out of BOTH! Till next time. . .

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Anonymous said...

Hey girl,

We loved having you guys visit in Franklin. Wilson is quite the little man these days, I think that he definately needs some trucks to play with in Paw's golf trap! Just kidding, Paw! We're in the midst of the bad weather now! Have a great day. Love, Ashley