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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Happy Birthday, Poppie!

This weekend we celebrated Wilson's great-granddaddy Poppie's birthday. Wilson was quite concerned that the cake was "OT!" (HOT!) and did his best to help Poppie blow the candles out. We are so thankful to have so many great grandparents in Wilson's life and really enjoy getting to celebrate all these birthdays.

We are also thankful that the sun has returned. We went for a walk this morning and Wilson screamed bloody murder when we got home- he did not want to come inside. I guess I need to be thinking up some outdoor activities for after naptime- a trip to Target probably doesn't count, right? He played with Pat-Pat last night while mom and dad went to Cups and curled up on a sofa with hot chocolate and an italian cream soda and tried to remembered what life was like B.W. (Before Wilson). We decided that it was much too quiet and very boring without someone screaming for a "tuck" or "cawr" or to get down or get up. But it was very nice to have a continuous conversation and complete multiple thoughts in a row!!

Wilson is now looking forward to a busy weekend with ALL of the Miller side of the family who are coming to town. He is going to get to meet his great aunt Sherry and cousins Charlie and Cole for the first time. He has developed quite a love for burping and trying to mimic other people (aka- Dad) burping. He howls with laughter as they sit at the table trying to top each other. We can't wait to share this time with Uncle Bruce (whom I believe was called uncle stinky as some point!). As an added bonus we're going to get to see uncle Andy, aunt Ashley, and cousin Adam for a little while, too. What fun!!

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Pat Pat said...

Wilson's learned the "belch" manuver?! I'm so sorry--I'm sure Aunt Lauren will hang in there with the best of them, too. Lord have mercy! What's the world coming to?!

Is it time for Wilson to have his own swing set/slide in the backyard?! Or time for the swimming pool for the dogs to come out?! It's going to be a busy summer for y'all.