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Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Dentist, the Doctor, and the Barber

Otherwise known as the triple threat for Wilson. In order to make it to his 4th birthday he had to meet each one's challenge. I must say- he passed with mostly flying colors. Each of these trips in the past has been met with screams yet to be heard on earth over mundane grooming tasks. But he made it through them all, only crying about getting his finger pricked (Miller had her check up that day, too. She just looked at the nurse when her finger was pricked- should have let her go first!) "I like doctor Ellison- he's pretty nice!" "I like that new dentist- she's pretty good" "I got my haircut, and I didn't even cry at all."

I was so overwhelmed by his behaivior at the dentist that I took pictures! This is our new pediatric dentist- who wouldn't love a woman with this kind of train table in her office!

Miller also had a great time- she even let the dentist poke around in her head, too!

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Pat Pat said...

Wilson eagerly told me about the trip to the dentist--the train table was a definite improvement! Good for him!