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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday, Wilson!

You in your birthday crown from school

My Sweet Wilson,

Wow, what a year! Honestly it's just a blur and I feel like I hardly remember any of it. I really feel like I should be pulling into the driveway of our old house, laying you down for your nap in your bed in your old room, scrambling to get the house ready for your 3 year old birthday halloween carnival party, and then waking you up just in time to meet your guests (and be the only one not wearing a costume!). Because after that it just gets really hazy.

We began the flinging of all our stuff into boxes, the unflinging into our new house, painting as much as could be painted before purchasing what seemed to be the last Christmas tree on the lot, and then shoving all the Christmas decorations back into the closet so that we wouldn't trip over them coming back into the house with your new baby sister. From there it seems like more of just a time warp.

I keep waiting for the moment that I'm going to take a walk with you on your new tricycle or read a story to you in your new tent and then I realize those things are no longer "new" and that it really has been A WHOLE YEAR since they were. You've moved on and grown more.

You still love your tent and tricycle, you're just able to love them with me on the side line now. We go weeks without the mention of Lion- he's been replaced with Rocko the dog (who's currently taking a back seat to Pluto). A few weeks before we moved you became fascinated with this stuffed dog that you've had since birth, named him Rocko, and he's stayed at your side ever since. When school started this year, you ran right into Mrs. Angie's room to meet her completely thrilled about your new room and teacher, no apprehension what so ever. You no longer insist on me walking you to your class anymore like you did last year- you happily hop out of the car each morning and run to your room from the carpool line. Many mornings I wake up to you rumbling around in the kitchen, feeding the dog, letting him out and then giving him a treat when he comes back in. I'll walk out later to find you hanging out in the playroom watching cartoons. You've become quite skilled at playing Mario Kart on our Wii and enjoying trying to beat dad (and sometimes do!). You've impressed us with your ability to memorize scripture and have begun to apply them, a little.

(Quick story- We have been reading through Susan Hunt's Bible Verse ABC's repeatedly and you've memorized most of the 26 verses. I left you and Miller with Daddy for the day while I went out of town for a baby shower. While I was putting you to bed the night before I left I began an attempt to bribe you for super duper good behavior and for being helpful to Dad while I was gone. I told you that I was going to call him on my way home and if you'd been good, I'd stop and get you a surprise. "Please, please, please be sweet and help Daddy with Miller, and just be as sweet and good as you can". We read books and said prayers. As I was leaving I said, "Okay tomorrow if your tempted to say or do something ugly to Daddy, what are you going to remember?" I'm expecting "be nice and I'll get a surprise". To my surprise you reply "A soft answer turns away wrath, Proverbs 15:1." Fine, will go with your answer!)

You've recently gone through the triple threat (see later post) with very few tears and I'm beginning to fear we're getting close to the little boy doesn't need mamma point.

However, I do have to remind myself that as independent as you have become (inspite of yourself) you still do come running for mom a good bit. I think maybe as Miller is starting to move into "your territory" you're as scared of loosing it as I am of you not needing anymore! You often ask for me to feed you, you're still very fearful of the unknown and want to know all that you can about everything before trying it (holding our hands the whole way of course) but then you usually want to go back and do whatever it was on your own as many times as possible. You're very careful about what toys of your's Miller is allowed to play with (often siting small pieces that MAY come off IF she chews on them as choking hazards, knowing that's a hole in one for not having to share). I'm not sure why, but your latest concerns are about Heaven. Sweet boy, I'm afraid there's just no way for us to give you a dry run on that one. You're just going to have to learn, along with Mom and Dad, to trust that God has got a wonderful spot for all of us there!

We ended your 4th year here with a trip to Disney World (maybe that's where all the Heaven questions are coming from!?) And what a great time we all had. We drove and you didn't sleep a wink down or back! You were a trooper on the car ride and did well at the parks. It took a few days for you to really get into the swing of things, but when you did, oh what fun! Your favorite rides included Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain, and the Haunted Mansion- a big GO FIGURE on all of those. You were very leary of any ride that took place inside (like ALL the little kid rides) becuase you could not see what was going to happen. However, you begged to go on Splash and loved every minuted and inch of the 52' drop! You are daily planning our next trip with Miller (which will not occur until she too reaches at least the 4 year mark so it should be quite an organized excursion!) When we got home we had your birthday party on Halloween on the playground at your preschool with all your school friends as well as a couple of church pals. You got tons of great gear including dinosaurs, trucks, books, and, of course, Cars!

I love you to the moon and back, Baby,


Playing with some of your b'day dinosaurs while wearing your crown in our backyard

You, Nathan, and John Clark eating lunch at your party

Your cake- it looks just like the invites to your party

And with one little blow, we're on our way to FIVE!

Video from your actual birthday at the Animal Kingdom in Disney World.

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You make me misty-eyed with your sweet tribute to this precious little boy!