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2 Peter 3:18

Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Fair and the Zoo

We met Daddy at the fair on "Bomgar Day" when everyone from his office went down in their orange for lunch. We all had a great time riding rides, watching a dog show, eating various foods on a stick and funnel cakes, and getting a great sun burn. Miller had a great time people watching- and we all know there's some pretty good people watching at the fair!

I just noticed how comically small these cars look with an adult sitting in them.

Snaps to Daddy for squeezing himself in there.

A few days later Wilson woke up with a terrible crick in his neck. He screamed if we even touched his hair -he could not move his head. We decided that there was no way he'd make through church, so we went to the zoo to try and get him to move around a little. He was a little more mobile by the end of our trip, but it was still a few days before he was back to normal. Poor little guy!

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