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2 Peter 3:18

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Greatest Milestone Yet!

Today marks four weeks since Eliza Grace was placed in our arms.  It's been a busy four weeks full of many ups and downs.  We've had many firsts and marked several big milestones.  Someday, I hope to blog about it all ;)  But tonight we hit a milestone that could not wait to be blogged in chronological order. 

We finally heard a good hard belly laugh out of this girl!  The first one nearly choked her (very similar to her reaction to crying- it can make her throw up almost instantly).  Fortunately her supper stayed down and we were able to capture a smaller, but no less thrilling repeat.  Enjoy!


Patty said...

Makes me cry tears of joy! That's GREAT!

laura said...

What a precious moment, Maggie! So sweet! I have been thinking about y'all and keep hoping I'll bump into y'all out and about with Eliza Grace :)

patrick and amy said...

Sweet sounds! Can't believe that you have been home for a month! Time is flying!!!

Chicago Millers said...

So sweet! Love! Thanks for sharing! Hug her from us! Hug all of them from us!

SLierman said...

Love it! Awesome progress!