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Friday, June 10, 2011

Seoul Day Four

Ready for the Day!
We ate breakfast at the hotel- she liked just about everything except sitting in a high chair.
We loaded up to go to the Korea National Museum

Beautiful poppies at the entrance

EG and me emerging from a mob of school girls ooing over "cuta bebe"

Phil in front of a HUGE painting.
Eliza Grace sacked out on my back- finally!  She had run around like an absolute mad woman all over the museum.  I got a blister from chasing her, put a band aid on it, then wore the band aid out from more chasing.  I finally gave up and threw her on my back.  She was out in five minutes!
Eating lunch at the museum
Caching at the museum
The three of us in front of a large bell in the gardens at the museum
A panoramic of the gardens
Sitting with Dad in the cab on the way to Seoul Tower
Cable car going up to the tower
Seoul Tower
it's a communication tower that has become quite an icon
Phil chasing Eliza Grace around the park at the base of the tower
The Locks
This is what the tower is famous for.  Engaged couples come here and put a lock on the fence and throw the key over to symbolize the permanence of their love.  Adoptive families have caught on and followed suit.  It's a really cool site!

Adding our lock to the fence

The center of Seoul is located in the park at the tower.
We slept hard that night!

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