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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Seoul Day 3

Sorry this post is so late!  This is one BUSY girl we've gotten our hands on!  But she is wonderful and we can't wait for everyone to meet her. 

Yesterday, May 31st was our Gotcha Day.  We didn't actually get to get her until 3:00 in the afternoon so we started the day with a trip to Lotte Department Store.  It's ginormous!!  I think they sell everything!  The bottom floor is sort of like a Fresh Market and then as you go up the next 10 floors you come across every top brand of clothing, jewlery, and accessories.  The top two floors are restaraunts and coffee shops.  It was definitely an experience- I think I've been less intimidated in Phipps Plaza in Atlanta or any department store in NYC.  Great people watching and a good way to kill some time. 

We came back to our room and started a list of questions for Eliza Grace's foster mom and finished wrapping our gifts for the Holt staff and her foster family.  Before we knew it, it was time to go down and get a cab to Holt.

We made the drive over and got there about 20 minutes early.  We walked in and the first face that smiled at me was Eliza Grace!!  She smiled and I said hey to her then her foster mom realized who we were and brought her over to us.  We gave her the bunny we had bought her for her birthday and played for a minute until DJ our social worker came out and took us to a private meeting room. 

Eliza Grace was very enamored with her FM's phone and was watching "the bear song" on it.  Phil quickly pulled it up on his phone (in English) and she then took his phone.  Next we moved on to puffs and I think she was sold- we weren't too bad after all. 

We asked her FM all of our questions and we exchanged gifts.  She gave us a photo album of EG's first year that we absolutely treasure.  When we get home and can scan some of the pictures, I'll post them.  She also gave us the hanbok that EG wore at her first birthday party.  She selected a computer mouse from her Tol table- so she'll be a computer wiz!  She also gave us season 3 of Pororo in ENGLISH!!!  This is a very popular Korean cartoon that is really hard to find in English.  And a Pororo stuffed animal.

While we were meeting her Appa (foster father) called her.  She sat and talked to him on the phone- I have a super cute video of that- I'll probably have to share that when we get home as well.

So here are the pictures from our meeting:

As you can see she conked out on the ride home.  She probably slept a good hour or more when we got back to the hotel.  Then we got to meet the real Eliza Grace!!
She has one mode- ON.  We ran around the room, then we ran around the hall, then we moved the party to the lobby.  We went up and down stairs and the escalator.  I was pouring sweat, so I decided we'd give the pool a try.  Silly me- the pool is for running laps around!

 After that we came back to the room for a bath and bedtime.  Her foster mom told us that she loves her bath and that she goes to bed about 11. 

We were worn out so we started a little bit sooner than that, but she was definitely not ready!  She roamed in and out of the bathroom looking for Appa, she jumped all over the bed, and just generally did anything she could to stay UP.  We walked the hall for a little while and came back.  She played for a little bit and then I think she started to get it.  She was staying with us.  She got her shoes (new Target Robees that we brought- she LOVES them) and pointed to the door.  She wanted out.  So she cried a little and then I put her in the carrier and walked around the hall some more until she fell asleep.  She woke up when we got back and was furious.  We laid down on the floor together and she cried some more.  She then climbed on top of me and fell asleep.  And that's where she stayed most of the night.  On my chest on the floor.  Eventually I was able to roll her off and cover her up with her favorite blanket (one that we sent for her birthday!).  She woke a few times in the night, but went right back to sleep.  She slept until about 8 this morning.  She woke up and saw Phil and started crying.  She ran to me, cuddled for a second, then looked back at Phil with a big grin and started playing peek-a-boo with him. 

She is just really doing great.  Better than we could have every expected.  We're exhausted from chasing her, but thrilled that she is so happy with us. 

Alright- I've way over done my computer time- excuse any typos, I don't have time to proof! :)


Patty said...

Love all the juicy details!!! She is so cute! Maybe her siblins and cousins will run her around to wear her out. And I'm thinking she could run Bomgar one of these days...maybe sooner if not later!


Linds said...


Chicago Millers said...

We love the details too! Wow! Exhausting for her and for you guys! All this fun! She is so precious and I know that God has big plans for her in our family!

Suzanne said...

What a great first day; God is good!
She looks like oodles of fun and energy--don' worry, Miller can handle her! So glad she is making the transition so well and you will have her stateside in no time. Sounds like her foster parents were wonderful and just precious to this child for the first 16 months of her life--what a miracle. We welcome her to our family! Safe Travels!!!

Alison said...

I have TEARS in my eyes reading this, Maggie! I am just so excited to see her in your arms!!! Love her fun personality! Cannot wait to meet her later this week!!! :)

Lindsey said...

This has been so much fun to read. Can't wait to hug and kiss that sweet face!

Anna H said...

she is absolutely precious! I love the picture of y'all with her foster mother! you can see how excited and how much you love her on your face! praying for a smooth transition!

Renee Guest said...

Love seeing all of these pictures. some of my fav pictures are just looking at Maggie's face and the JOY that has projected since you have met EG. can't wait to meet her!

SLierman said...

Love seeing you all together. She's such a CUTIE!!!! What a beautiful family you have --and warmest congratulations to you!!!We're in Seoul now waiting to pick up your little man in a few days!