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Monday, June 13, 2011

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jog...

We woke up bright and early on June 3rd to get dressed, zip up our bags and head downstairs to meet our driver to the airport.

It's about an hour drive from our hotel to the airport and Eliza Grace fell asleep on the way there.  We got into the airport and were directed toward the appropriate line to get checked in.  Gotta love some Happy Mom Service. 

We then had to settle in for the few hours of waiting until it was time to board the plane.  Again- we ran all over the place chasing this girl.  We got some ice cream, we played on the  playground, we road on the moving sidewalks.  We met another adoptive family that was going to be on our flight.  (Hi Baby Cora- just in case you ever happen to read this!!  Hope your doing well in Philly!)

Finally it was time to board.  Eliza Grace fell asleep again fairly quickly and then woke up an hour or so later when our meal came.  When she was done eating she sort of just slid down the seat and onto the floor. She laid there and just rubbed her face on the floor.  I think she was just sort of trying to block the whole thing out.  It was fine with us, though- she was quiet and soothing herself. 

She fell asleep and stayed asleep for a good 45 minutes before some lovely stewardess noticed a small lump under a baby blanket, realized it was a baby, and began to flip.  "Do you see all of this danger?  She can not stay here.  It is cute, but too dangerous."  SHE MADE ME PICK HER UP!!!  Let's just say Eliza Grace was less than thrilled.  I spent the next couple of hours furious.  Every time Eliza Grace cried I wanted to find that stewardess and show her danger!!!  So we spent the remaining 10 hours or so running up and down the aisle of the plane, throwing puffs all over the place, and making friends with our very gracious neighbors (one lady even chased EG for us for a little while- God bless her!).  I even discovered that an airplane bathroom makes quite a spacious playroom when compared to the seats in the peasant section we were trapped in!  I'd put the lid down on the toilet have a seat and Eliza Grace would run in little circles around the bath room. We played in the water, chewed on the toothbrushes and just had a grand time until some poor soul would knock on the door in desperation.  We ate again and Eliza Grace fell asleep for the last hour of the flight. 

We landed in Chicago and then the real fun began.  We were supposed to land at 9:40, but didn't get in until 10:15.  Our flight to Jackson was to take off at noon.  That gives us an hour and 45 minutes-no problem, right?  Did I mention that we had to get through customs with an immigrant, get our bags, get across town to THE OTHER AIRPORT, get our bags checked, go back through security (a special thanks to the security guy that felt the need to do a litmus test on our bottle of formula...ugh) and haul hiny to our gate and onto our plane?  Well we did and we totally made it!!  Thanks to Aunt Sherry, Uncle Bruce, Charlie, & Cole for meeting us at O'Hare and getting us to Midway.  Eliza Grace LOVED meeting them and getting decked out in some red white and blue. 

We got to Midway and to the ticket counter to ask if there was anyway we'd be making it.  We were informed that our flight had been delayed 20 minutes!!  Praise God- I just couldn't take having to wait much longer to get home.  The previous flight that was on the plane slated to take us to Jackson was carrying a group of disabled WWII vets that were on a tour to somewhere.  Obviously they needed a little extra time exiting the plane.  The exact same little extra time we needed to get to that plane.  Perfect!!  We ran up right in time to begin boarding our flight. 
Last flight for a VERY LONG TIME, Baby Girl.  I promise.

Eliza Grace was so worn out by now that she slept the entire flight.  In fact, I woke her up to put on some fresh clothes before we landed and she met her welcoming committee. 

And what a welcoming committee it was!!  We were so thankful for all the friends, family, church members, and adoption group members that showed up to welcome us all home.  Eliza Grace turned on the charm and worked the crowd.  She ran right up to Miller and hugged her like they'd known each other for years!  It was priceless. 

After we greeted everyone we loaded up in the van for the first time as a family of five and headed home.  We were greeted at home by balloons on the mailbox, a freezer full of food, neighbors, and more family.  Thanks to everyone for making it such a special homecoming!


Linds said...

What a sweet story! Thanks for sharing!

Alison said...

LOVED welcoming ya'll home from the airport! I have some pics I am going to post today...feel free to grab them off my blog! :) let's get together soon!!!

Lauren said...

Maggie, I just saw your awesome news on Alison's blog! I am thrilled for you guys. I have been sitting here reading your post with tears streaming down my face! I showed William the sweet pictures and he quickly remembered all about Eliza Grace because of all the prayers they prayed for her in class this year! What an amazing homecoming I know you had! I will be praying for smooth transitions for all of you and for the rest of the summer to be a good time for rest and just getting to know your new family of FIVE!! God is so good!! We look forward to meeting this beautiful little girl! Love, Lauren Laird