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Friday, June 02, 2006

And The Diagnosis Is . . .

Well after a day of running 102-103 degree fever, I decided that Wilson must be suffering from more that teething and decided that we would go to the doctor. What finally pushed me to make the call was when he first laid in my arms for about 15 minutes for no reason and then saw a cawr and decided to get down. While my lap was free I made a break for the bathroom only to come back to find Wilson kneeling on the floor in front of the sofa with his head laying on a cushion with lion underneath it. No car noises or motions coming from the den- just a little pile of boy with cawrs strewn all around him. It was really kind of sad. I gave him some more Motrin and we went to the doctor. An hour later his fever was still 103 and a blood test confirmed that he has a fever virus. Nothing we can do but wait it out. He did pull himself together enough to play cawrs for a minute while we waited on the doctor to come to our room. Unfortunately, Parker(our pediatrician) scooped him up a little too fast and put him on the examining table. Wilson is terrified of heights and it scared him to death. He completed the chest listening in my lap and then I had to hold him down on the table for his ear and throat inspection. We then went to the lab to have blood taken and the nurse made the mistake of putting a band-aid on his thumb. Wilson hates having anything extra on his person- no dirt, sand, stickers, or pen markings. He was furious when he woke up last week and a scratch from Tate was still on his leg- it refused to be wiped off!! Anyway, we returned home and after a well rounded supper of ketchup and raisins (don't ask- I don't know why) and a dose of Tylenol he was back to his old self just in time for Dad to walk in the door and enjoy the same smiling face that he left this morning when he went to work. Wilson's asleep now and went down with only 99.7- looks like double timing with Tylenol and Motrin seems to be doing the trick.

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Pat Pat said...

Sounds like both of the grandboys have had a bad time with not feeling well this week. Glad he's doing better. And GREAT advice on the thermometer--wish we'd had those when I worked in the NICU waaaay back an eternity ago. Great product!