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Friday, June 02, 2006


The shameless product plug for today is for all the mom's of toddlers & squirmy babies. In dealing with taking a temperature every few hours over the last day and a half or so I've used a garden variety of tools for the task. I've never been a fan of our ear thermometer- it's never very accurate and is now one of Wilson's playthings. So, I purchased a thermometer that is supposed to gather the patient's temperature from their forehead and found it to be equally fickle in readouts- it is now in the WalMart Never-Never Land of returned products. I also used the same digital thermometer that I've since he was born, but it takes a year and half to get a reading- or is it just that long because it doesn't beep when it's done and I don't clue in that it's done because I'm Maggie the Crocodile Hunter trying to wrestle Wilson down so he doesn't wind up with this skinny little probe up the hoo-ha. It is now in the garbage. The winner of taste test, if you will, is the Vick's Baby Rectal Digital Thermometer. It is pictured above. This little device takes the temp in 10 seconds, is back lit when its finished (so you don't have to turn the light on to read it), beeps until you turn it off, and, as you can see from the picture, is designed so that it can't accidentally wind up lodged any further than necessary. It also gave the exact readout that our pediatrian's did, FYI. This should be on every mom-to-be's registry.


Tyler's Mommy said...

How do you take a rectal temp on a toddler???? Tyler about goes crazy. Good advice on the thermometer!

adam's mommy said...

I almost went out and purchased one of these yesterday. I took Adam's temp with our buddy Jacob's and it was amazing. It works with amazing speed! I'm going to pick one up on my next trip to Target. I hope Wilson is feeling better.