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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Long Time, No Post

I've decided to give up clothes for the summer. No, no, it's not what you think- I'm not going nudest. I'm just resigning "good clothes" in exchange for an old swimsuit. Over the last few days I've come to realize that small boys are incapable of realizing that it is 1002 degrees outside. We'll go outside to swing (on our new (pre-owned) swingset- yea!) and within a couple of minutes I am soaking wet, Wilson has multiple beads of sweat rolling down his chubby, red cheeks, and the dogs have all but passed out from chasing the swing- and Wilson is just getting started! Unfortunately, I am beginning to run out of clothes- there's only so much laundry one can do. Additionally, I'm down to only one bra because Tate (the dog) has chewed threw the only other "good one that fits" out of frustration that I left him in the bathroom during a storm while I ran errands. So this brings me to the old swimsuit- a $10 Walmart frock that I bought for water aerobics about 3 years ago. It is so tight now that it actually does wonders for the stomach (of course it 'also squishes the chest completely flat- so without what little was there to begin with as a reference point- it makes no difference how flat your tummy is!) Sorry about the rabbit trail- but now I won't have to explain if you drop by and I open the door wearing only the world's worst swimsuit.

Now, what has Wilson been up to lately? Well, he has been quite the socialite over the past week. His friend Lily and her mom and big sister, Maggie, dropped by last Thursday. I think their mom was a little frazzled over it being the first day of summer- Maggie has just finished the first grade. So, we introduced Lily to the joy of the sprinkler and Maggie played with all my craft stuff and then joined the babies in sprinklers!! Pictures follow. That night Wilson spent the night with his Granna & Granddaddy while Mom & Dad went to see the Da Vinci Code and then a couple of nights later he spent the night for the first time with his Pat Pat & Paw while we went to hang out with some friends (Lily's mama & daddy) and watch the season finale of Desperate Housewives (thank goodness for TiVo). He had a great time hanging out with all his grandparents- and we had a great time playing with our friends for a little while. Then this week we returned to Itsy Bitsy Yoga- which had hated and cried all the way through, until I pulled out his cawrs- he played with them and tried to ignore the fact that yoga was going on around him. Yesterday we had swimming lessons which were tons of fun especially because Dad came to watch! Today we had a play date with Lily at her house. The babies played great together, until Lily made the mistake of TOUCHING Wilson as she was handing him back one of his cawrs. He responded to this by screaming bloody murder! We pulled ourselves together though, played a little longer, and then headed home. When we got home I realized that he had a fever!! Still not sure what's going on because he has been super happy all day and nothing seems to be wrong. Hopefully we didn't get Lily sick and hopefully it will be gone tomorrow!

Wilson watching as Lily "tests the water"

Wilson taking a sip- a trick he learned from Tate

Baby Friends

Wilson looking on from his mower as Maggie & Lily play in the sprinkler


Pat Pat said...

Girl, you are a TRIP!! So what you're saying is, you need new clothes for your birthday this week???!!! What a hoot!

Wilson probably thinks he has "cooties" from Lily touching him--that'll change one day! You have made my day already with the blog!!

adam's mommy said...

Hey girl,
I love the could sport one of those kiddie floatable swim suits, then it wouldn't matter if you have a flat tummy or not...I'm going to look into them for myself! You should get paid for that last picture, hilarious! You always make my day when you post! Miss you-Ashley

Tyler's Mommy said...

Does it get any sweeter??????