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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday, Wilson!

October 20, 2009

What a big kid we have on our hands now! There are no words for how much we love this guy and for how much joy he brings us. He definitely keeps us on our intellectual and emotional toes. He loves his sister and is so encouraging to her as she's learning new things. He's also learned how to push her buttons, but can you really be considered a good brother if don't?! This year has been filled with Super Heroes, Legos, riding his new bike, and first sports. He has loved school this year and it's a good thing because he goes 5 days a week now! He's reading a little and writing a lot. I was super impressed that he asked to help write thank you notes for his birthday presents and that he stuck with it! He had tried to guess all week (with no success) what he was getting for his birthday. When he got to the bottom of the stairs on his birthday a new bike and other presents were waiting on him in the playroom. "A NEW BIKE! I DIDN'T EVEN THINK OF THAT PRESENT!" Gotta love that response!
Mile stone funny story: He was in trouble one day and I sent him to his room. He came down after a little while and said, "Mom, I have something to show you." I went upstairs and on his chalk board he'd written momiamsor (Mom I am sorry). I couldn't believe he'd a)thought to tell me he was sorry on his own, b)attempted to write it- I've never asked him to write anything while I wasn't beside him telling him what letters to write, c)was able to almost get it perfectly right! A few days later he was in trouble again and again I sent him upstairs. On his way up he mumbled, "I guess I gotta go write on my chalk board again"! How do you not laugh?
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-phil said...

how did our necks bend like that?

Pat Pat said...

Great milestone story! I can't believe he's so grown up!