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Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Turn Spin Bike

This is Wilson on the maiden voyage of the "turn spin bike" (if you google that you won't find it, but you will if you type in Razor Rip Rider 360- he sounded like Ralphie from a Christmas Story asking for it!) Anyway we have all had a turn on it from both of my parents down to Miller. It so much fun- the back wheels are casters so it spins around in a circle if you turn hard enough. Fortunately Wilson also learned how to ride his regular bike without training wheels Christmas Eve morning. So, the turn spin is often free for me to play on in the driveway.

This was his gift from the Ethridge grandparents. We had to assemble as soon as we got home from their house. We then had to move the kitchen table out of the way so that Wilson could try it out because it was raining outside. As I mentioned- it make very good turns, so it's an excellent indoor bike on cold, rainy, snowy days. Thank goodness- we've needed it!

Also in the video you'll see:
1. a glimpse of our dining room table set for Christmas dinner (the only other visual proof I have that there was a Christmas celebration at my house)
2. Wilson has not caught on that a video camera takes MOVING pictures. He just stares at it smiling waiting for a click and a flash! It's so funny- he's so smart, but this he just doesn't get it!

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