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Saturday, February 20, 2010

January 7, 2010

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This is Miss Priss on the Real Day! She wore her Happy Birthday hat and cupcake dress to school and took "cupcakes" to share with her friends. (the were actually iced cookies from the bakery at Kroger because her mamma was leaving the next day for WDW, but her way sounds much more homey, so we'll stick with her story!) As you can see from the pictures, the hat stayed with us until it was dark outside. This one loves to be the center of attention.

And the center of our attention you are, little Moo. You are constantly entertaining us with your new vocabulary, new phrases, new songs, new dance moves, and new trouble! You are super smart although at times that gets overshadowed by your live out loud attitude and cuteness. You were singing the ABC's and counting to 10 by the time you were about 18-20 mos old. Around that time you were also able to recognize a "group" of two without counting. "look mamma, it's two babies!" You love going to see Ms Lizzie at the library for Mother Goose on the Loose at Baby Bookworm time. You really get into all the rhymes, songs, and dances. I'm amazed at how quickly you retain songs. You usually only have to hear one twice before you know all the words. A favorite from Mother Goose on the Loose is "Two Little Dicky Birds". You use your two pointer fingers to be the two little birds- one's named soft, one's named loud. When you get out of sorts in public you can usually be turned around by asking you if you brought your birds. Through a tear stained and red face a little grin will appear along with two little pointer fingers right in front of your face. Of course its' not always that easy to get a smile or to get you to comply. One of your favorite tricks to pull is to completely defy an instruction, look me in the eye, and say "one . . . . two . . . three . . ." I used the counting when we were still waiting on your vocabulary to come in so I would know for sure that you'd had a chance to understand what was asked of you before you were punished. Apparently you did. You still love to read and some of your favorites are Princess Baby, Olivia, Pinkalicious, Mother Goose, and a little Golden Book called Little Mommy. You love playing babies, cooking in your kitchen, playing with your dollhouse, and dressing up. You also can't wait for Wilson and his friend John Clark to get out of the car for school in the morning. When the car door shuts, you promptly grab their action figures and begin playing "Bapmam". You are very social and associate what I'm wearing with who you're going to get to play with. If its workout clothes you start asking for Walker & Thomas, if I'm dressed up it's "go see Moca (Monica)" the nursery helper at church, if Wilson's heading out the door in the morning you want to go see your buddy Caroline who happens to be John Clark's sister. "Baby Girl" (as your brother still calls you) you bring a smile to our face daily and have added a little pink fuzzy to our hearts that we didn't know we were missing. We love you!

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