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Thursday, February 11, 2010

More of the REAL day

Wilson's "real" birthday was filled with almost too much fun! He took a cookie cake to school to celebrate with his teacher and friends. Then he and two friends and all their siblings went to the zoo for lunch. When we got home his grandparents came over with some fantastic cakes (pictured above- from Kroger, FYI and they were delicious. The flowers are made out of Cool Whip!). The Wilson and Ethridge grandparents went in together to get Wilson the ultimate Batman hookup! The Cave, the Car, the Joker, Robin, the Cycle, THE MAN HIMSELF, as well as more accessories than anyone could ask for. Wilson rounded it out by spending some birthday money from some great grandparents on a few villains. These action figures go everywhere with us- I might as well rename the Honda the Batmom mobile! After that we met Dad at the movies to see Where the Wild Things Are. We were a bit disappointed with this "blockbuster", but that did not ruin what was otherwise a fantastic 5th birthday!
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