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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall Into Fun

This year was our first year to participate in our schools big fund raiser- Fall Into Fun.  And FUN it was.  Wilson and Miller both had a great time jumping in all the bouncy things, playing games, getting prizes, and seeing friends.  The weather was perfect for a carnival.  The main event is on a Thursday night and this year they added a 5k and fun run on Saturday (click for a video of highlights). 

I'm so proud of ALL the runners in my family.  Phil won overall in the 5k, Wilson got 3rd for 5 and under boys in the fun run, and Miller got 1st in 5 and under girls in the fun run!!! 

Small disclosure- Miller rode on a golf cart for most of the mile and was the only girl 5 and under that ran.  She's such a hoot.  She really does love to run and her personal best is about 1/2 a mile running 1/2 mile walking.  She decided the morning of the race that she wanted to participate, so I signed her up.  As we're lining up on the starting line she all of a sudden becomes completely preoccupied by her jacket & hood.  What are you, two!?  We're running a race here!!  She made it through the starting lane and then the lady that was driving the golf cart behind the race offered to let her ride- which she thought was awesome.  When they got back on campus, I asked if she'd like to get down and run, which she did.  She's the last child coming in and everyone started going nuts at the site of this tiny little person running her heart out- they had no idea she'd just been deposited a few feet back.  I tried to explain this at the finish line when they asked for her sticker for her time card, but they said it didn't matter- she finished!

If I'd have known those were the rules- I'd have run the 5K . . . and won!

Mamma's so proud, guys!!  Congrats!!

What would a post be without pictures!?  Wilson got his face painted like a tiger at Fall Into Fun and Miss Priss got a butterfly and a heart done at our church's Moses Basket ministry picnic.  Thanks to the McNeil's for hosting this fun time for adoptive families past, present, and future and our prayer warriors.

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