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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Halloween, From the Animal Kingdom

If you're new to the blog, go back through the archives and you'll find that since we moved into this house nearly three years ago, there has been a steady stream of much too close for comfort contact with the wild. All times of day, all manner of animalia, really it could be a blog all by itself . . .

Anyway, I walk through the dining room earlier today and see the above in the window. You may have to look for a minute and you may need to click on the picture to make it a bit larger. Does anyone else see the ghost of a bird in flight!? You can see its wings stretched out, its chest, and head . . . right before it sailed into my window! Sadly there is a matching print on the next window section down. How dumb did this bird have to be? I hate to speak ill of the (assumingly) dead, but look at that wing span! This little fellow had no intention of stopping. Then, THEN, he backed up and tried again! The prints are quite impressive, you can see individual feathers, hollow spots where the eyes are, maybe a little beak. ACSI (Avian Crime Scene Investigators) may be knocking on my door any minute!
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Alison said...

Oh my goodness, that is hilarious!! :)