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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday, Wilson!

Wilson turned 6 Wednesday!!  It was a great day.  We started celebrating the night before with Phil's parents, grandmother, and his sister's family.  We had yummy supper, super yummy cake, and some great birthday gifts.  The next morning he woke up and immediately began playing with what he'd gotten the night before.  He played for probably half an hour before he finally remembered IT WAS HIS BIRTHDAY and wanted to come downstairs to open his presents from us.  They were in the playroom sitting on the rocking horse Big Daddy made for him for his 1st birthday.  He got the Missing Golden Ticket (the lost chapter from Willy Wonka), Cool Robots- a book of robots you can build with legos, Lego Batman pajamas, and Creationary- basically Pictionary but with legos (notice a theme?).

That night we had a Wild Things party in the park after dark.  All his buds came dressed in their costumes and ran all over the park!  We totally lucked up because right now they are re-mulching the play area.  So, there was a mountain of mulch right outside the fence that the boys spent just about every second climbing up, fighting with glow in the dark sticks on, and sliding down.  What more could a boy ask for!?  Wilson was dressed as Max from the book and Miller was a "cheer cheer".

Here's a summary of the party in video:

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