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Friday, December 31, 2010

Room for Two

Well, it was time too move all the new Christmas goodies upstairs and when I got there I realized I needed to figure out how two girls were going to fit into one already pretty full room.  I knew they could- our kids have great rooms, but the prospect was a bit intimidating.  So we pulled out the crib and started  doing the furniture shuffle.  We got a few new shelves at Lowes and an extra coffee table for Eliza Grace to play on (couldn't believe I found one IDENTICAL to the one Miller already had at the same consignment store I bought Miller's at nearly 10 months later!)  I also got some white lacquer spray paint for them, but that project will have to wait until after I get my Christmas cards out!

I felt a little silly getting the room ready for Eliza Grace when we are still months away from getting THE CALL.  But I'm really glad we did.  It has made this a lot more real for Miller and has helped us to see where she is in processing all of this.  She's a little confused because Baby Ely (her new cousin) came yesterday and for a while she thought Ely was her sister (she still says Ely's going to live here sometimes.)  I think she's beginning to get that Ely is Matthew's baby sister and Eliza Grace is hers.  Wednesday I told her Ely would be here the next day- Miller let out a good "NO, I don't like my baby sister!"  So, A) Ely is not her sister and B) she's a little more realistic about this than I realized.  I've been a little concerned that she thought a baby doll would be moving in.  Glad she's aware that Eliza Grace is a real person worthy of some sibling rivalry!

For anyone else adopting (specifically from South Korea) we are loving Ten Days and Nine Nights.  It's a great preschool age book about a little girl who's mom leaves to go to Korea to get her new sister.  It counts down each day and what all the rest of the family is doing to prepare for the arrival.  It also has some great illustrations of what happens on the Korean side.

Miller picked out the little version of the owl pillow that's in her bed for Baby Sister's bed.  The Winnie the Pooh was Wilson's and the Lamb was mine.  The blanket we'll be sending to Eliza Grace- maybe she'll get to bring it back with her.


laura said...

The girls' room looks adorable!! I love it!!

Alison said...

Oh my goodness, their room is PRECIOUS!! I love it! Will you email or text me your address? I just got the Christmas card I sent ya'll returned to me...guess I have the wrong address! :) Happy New Year to ya'll!

Holly said...

So adorable! I am so happy for you guys. I am sure Miller will love her baby sister once she comes. :) Miss you guys. :)