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Sunday, December 05, 2010

'Tis the Season!

The Christmas season is in full swing around here.  A few days after Thanksgiving we went to see Santa.  It was so much fun this year- neither child was the least bit apprehensive.  They climbed right up and when Santa asked what they wanted Wilson told him an 18" bike and Miller said skates.  Guess I should be hoping for one of our world famous balmy Mississippi Christmas mornings because if the Big Guy comes through- we'll be spending the day outside! 

We've gone to a local paint it your way place and made our traditional hand print ornaments.  This year was a little different, though.  Wilson decided he did not want to do the ball with his hand print, so he selected a mitten shaped ornament to free paint.  He ended up stamping his hand in the mitten on the back, but it went completely over all of the edges.  My baby maybe too big for a hand print next year! 

Friday night my dad took the kids to the annual Singing Christmas Tree while Phil and I went out to eat.  This is such a fun tradition- the choir from a local college scales a set a of risers that form the shape of a Christmas Tree outdoors on the soccer fields.  Everyone brings blankets and chairs and spreads out to take in the show.  If it's actually cold you bring hot chocolate to keep warm while you listen.  This year it was very pleasant so the plan was to have hot chocolate at my parents when we all got back.  Well, little Miller fell asleep on the way back and we had to go straight home.  Wilson was most disappointed about missing his snack at Granna's, but we soothed things over with the sight of a Christmas tree tied to the top of our car when we went out to load up!  We got the lights on that night and Wilson drank some warm chocolate while he watched me. 

Saturday Phil's dad took us all to the Nutcracker.  This was a first for both kids and they loved it!  Not too long into the show Miller announced that she wanted Santa to bring THOSE shoes to her for Christmas (ballet toe shoes).  She was in heaven and twirled and danced in front of her chair a good bit.  Wilson leaned over about 5 minutes into it and said "Mom, I think they're telling a story."  I have such a cultured 6 year old!

Hope your start to the Christmas season has been as fun as ours has!


laura said...

I love the idea about the handprint ball ornaments!

Suzanne said...

Boy, those reindeer look real!
Were you outside?
The C'mas ornaments are darling!