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Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Well, I can just hardly hold it in much longer. But because, as most of you know, the only thing certain about the adoption process is uncertainty, I'm going to have to. Just wanted everyone to know that the adoption is moving along REALLY WELL and I hope to have some REALLY FUN news & pictures in the next week or so. Please pray for our family!

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Lauren Hayes said...

Ummmm-the suspense is killing me! Please hurry up and get that next post up, woman!?

laura said...

Ooo, I am so excited to hear about this news!

Elisabeth said...

Hi Maggie! I hope to read a super exciting post soon!! :)

Lindsey said...

I'm dying here! So excited to hear. Pete and Hobson cannot wait to meet their new cousin, whenever it may be!

Kelly said...

That is a teaser, for sure!! Can't wait to check back in and see the whole picture and story!! :)