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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday, Miller!

Well, this is you as a 3 year old!  Hard to believe that this is how Wilson was when you were born.  He seemed like such a big kid and I still think of you as my baby.  I think if I had to sum you up in one word it would be spunky.  You are contagiously silly and if you get tickled, bless the black heart in the room that does not get tickled too.  Your preschool teachers are smitten with you and say they love it when you start laughing.  You are very expressive and we love the drama on your face when you get excited- it's too cute!  You are also quite head strong and know exactly what you want.  For example- your attire.  We have been having some pretty big wardrobe wars lately.  Not that we disagree on styles, but that I prefer you get dressed and you'd rather just wear a t-shirt and panties!  You enjoyed this outfit quite a bit during the holidays, but when it was time to go back to school- wow.  It was not fun convincing you that you had to put pants on.  (and no a dress is not what you want either- everyone suggests that, like I haven't thought of that :)  So we have finally found a compromise.  You wear a tshirt and then pick leggings or tights and a tutu to go with it.  I have to say your clothing of choice has been much more colorful and much more "you" lately.  Of course as soon as we walk in the door from anywhere the tights and tutu are left on the floor by the back door and you are back to the pantsless wonder that we all love!  But the battle is over at least until bedtime.  I just can't let a little person go to bed in a short sleeve shirt and pull up with no pants when it's below freezing outside.  I. Just. Can't. 

Soon your little sister Eliza Grace will be home and you have very mixed emotions about that.  You proudly show her picture to anyone who'll look and announce, "that's my baby sister".  After Christmas we rearranged "your" room to make it "y'all's" room and this brought a whole new realness to this sister thing and you've had a few cross words here and there.  You're pretty protective of your things and want to make sure that we know what is yours and what's EG's. But you happily welcome anything new for her and were quite distressed when we mailed her blanket to her.  I can't wait for her to get her to see how the two of you do together.  (I'll probably be regretting those words soon, I'm sure!)  But I know having such a great Big Sister so close by will be priceless for Eliza Grace and I know you're going to play a big role in her transition from her foster family to ours.

Miss Moo, I don't know what we did before you.  I know it was a lot less colorful around her, there wasn't quite as much giggling, it was a lot less sticky, and I went months at a time with out saying the word tutu.  I had whole tubes of chap stick that did not have the ends gnawed off and no one in this house appreciated my shoes!  We love you little girl and love how you've turned us upside down!

These are a few pictures from your birthday morning.  You've caught your brother's lego bug, but he doesn't think you're old enough to play with his.  So, you got some of your very own.  You have had so much fun building and rearranging your new Duplo circus and pet shop.  You also got two new books.  Goldalicious and Mary Englebreit's collection of Fairy Tales (to go with her Nursery Rhymes & Nursery Tales books you already have).  You LOVE it and we have read most of them already!  It was your favorite gift you said (that was before you got tutus and pretend cupcakes from Granna & Pat Pat!).  You had a great day and were much loved on!  Thanks to everyone for making it such a special day for our Miller!

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Happy Birthday to Miller!!!