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Friday, January 28, 2011

Update on our Baby Girl

We were headed out the door for dinner when this:
came in my email inbox!  I've been waiting for this picture since we mailed her her birthday happies.

The first part of the email was the results from her 1 year MRI.  We knew that she had it last Friday and that they'd have the results Wednesday.  I was really hoping we'd get the good news before the weekend.  And we did.  Everything was completely normal- no need for further monitoring.  Most of you know Eliza Grace is considered "special needs".  She was born about 5 few weeks premature.  Amazingly, she only spent 5 days in the hospital after she was born and has been with her foster family ever since.  As part of the screening for orphans she was given a neurosonogram.  This is a very common practice in Korea- Korean adoptive parents insist that this test be run.  Most brains, however, are not completely developed at the time that this test is run.  EG's had something that didn't look "perfect" so they did an MRI at 6mos which also didn't look perfect.  So they scheduled a follow up MRI for 1 year.  Because all of these tests have been a matter of formality (as opposed to being in response to any abnormal symptoms) we weren't really all that concerned about this test, but it's always good to know that everything is looking good. 

The added bonus is that we got another picture of our girl.  This time with her care package that we sent for her birthday!  I'm so glad to know that she got it.  I doubt it made it there by her exact first birthday and the babies stop going to the doctor once a month after their first birthday.  I was concerned she might not get back to Holt until her next well baby check in March.  I can not believe how big she looks!!Miller was really impressed too- "look how big she gotten!" She then pats her on the head through the computer screen and tells her we're coming to get her.  And I love her little hair sticking up out of her bow.  So ready to meet her.

We love you Eliza Grace!!


Holly said...

This is so special. It makes me want to cry just reading it. What a beautiful little girl and am so glad the test results came back looking good! You are blessed and she will be with her new family as well. :)

Alison said...

Oh, she is so precious!!! So glad that the MRI was normal and that she got her care package!!